Real Estate Photography & Film

Photo Service

10ea LOT/LAND Photos $100

10ea AERIAL (drone/pole camera) Photos $100 

15ea SMALL HOME Photos $150

15ea SMALL HOME & Aerial (drone) $200

25ea HOME Photos $200

25ea HOME Photos & Aerial (Drone) $250

35ea LARGE HOME Photos $250

35ea LARGE HOME Photos & Aerial (drone) $300

-SMALL HOME = under 1700sq ft - LARGE HOME = over 3000sq ft

WREPIX HOME Special - $125 HDR Interior Photos

Ambient Light Photos with WREPIX

Video Service

MLS Video Tour - Static $125

MLS Video Tour - Aerial $150

MLS Video Tour - Static and Aerial Package $250

Homes over 3000sqft add $50 to above pricing

Additional Services

Online Gallery Hosting $25

Specialized gallery featuring listing photos and video with descriptions privately hosted online

Extended Location Radius $10 per 10mi

Photo shoots outside of Snohomish, Skagit, or Island County

No-Fault Reshoot $50

Return to reshoot photos / film due to conditions that have been changed by seller or agent

Wedding Photography & Film

Photo Service 

Photo Package #1 $1400

-Full wedding coverage

-Mastered photos delivered via mail within 30 days

Photo Package #2 $1700

-Two hour extra photo session

-Full wedding coverage

-Fully Mastered photos delivered within 30 days

-Mastered photo album delivered via mail

Film Service

Film Package #1 $1600

-Full wedding day coverage

-Full HD Highlights film 7-10min

-DVD Film of wedding day footage

Film Package #2 $2000

-Full wedding day coverage

-Full HD Highlights film 7-10min hosted online

-Fully mastered 40min+ DVD or BLU-RAY Film in HD

Combination Packages

Combination Package #1 $2500

-Combination of Wedding Photography #1 

& Wedding Videography #1

Combination Package #2 $3000

-Combination of Wedding Photography #2

& Wedding Videography #2

Portrait & Event Photography

Photo Service

One Hour Portrait Session $150

Single person - indoor or outdoor

Engagement Photo Session $200

Two hour outdoor session - fully mastered images

Family Photo Session $225

Two hour indoor or outdoor session - over five people add $50

Commercial / Event Photography $300+

$150/hr onsite depending on location

Film Service

Commercial / Event Filming $500+

$250/hr onsite depending on location

for edited footage. $150/hr onsite for raw footage


Commercial Photography

We offer a broad scope of services available to help your company succeed. Mobile based operations and a wide variety of gear can work for almost any situation.